Inside Leviathan

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’m currently traveling to Russia on the Golden Eagle Train. Because of that, we have several activities inside the train the makes us learn more about this country. Every night we have the chance to watch a movie and the one they chose to show last night was, without a doubt, an unforgettable movie. Meet Leviathan.

I love the art of cinema and this was a movie that, in its simplicity, taught me what art really can be. Part of my enthusiasm was related to the critic that Roger Ebert made of it but after watching it I felt furious about how underrated it is!


Leviathan is not a movie about monsters that are in the sea, but about monsters that walk the earth. Yes, it’s men. It is very symbolic the presence of an impressive skeleton of an abandoned whale in the middle of the beach, as a demonstration that what comes from the sea cannot survive the evils that are on earth. It is a movie about the decadence of man and society. There are no innocents, and all are corruptible. It discusses politics, corruption, friendship, adultery, abandonment, religion and more. And nothing sounds overdone or out of tune.

The relationship between nature and society is treated with precision by the camera, which traverses the beautiful scenery of the Russian coastline and still makes a point of capturing countless deep scenes of “still life”. The quotation marks are there because we are not always facing something from nature. Then the much dead thing that was left there by men, like the carcasses of several boats. But the meaning is exactly the same as the bones of the whale, turning everything into nature.

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Leviathan is a complex and intelligent work that also offers some moments of relaxation, present mainly in the scenes in which the characters drink like real Russians. The movie is conducted like an opera. Music is an important part of the story, but it does not bother portraying the feelings seen on the scene. It seeks to reinforce the decadent scenario of society.

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In every way, this movie broke a bubble that I had surrounding my world. Every country faces corruption but seeing it this way made me think about what world we actually live in: what is right, what is wrong, how can we decide that?

With this movie, I decided to dive into this culture and find some related music to listen to and keep with me. For that, I’ve made a playlist. Here you have it in case you want to listen to how Russia culture sounds.

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