Inside Lake Baikal

The most beautiful things in life are the hardest to describe. The Lake Baikal is one of them. Even in photos, I wish I could capture how clear the water was, but I think you’ll have to go there to find out.

It’s summer, so there’s no ice, but it’s stunning in every single way. The largest, oldest, deepest lake soaked my heart in love.

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I would have happily stayed on the lake all day, but the mountains seemed also a very good idea. But I they view of the sunset I got from it was, without any doubts, one of the most breath-taking nature experiences that I ever had. So, so beautiful! Forget the sandy beaches, nothing can reflect the sun’s pink and gold rays like this water.

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Lake Baikal

I promised to come back in the winter. I can’t wait to walk on top of this lake just to try and get a peak of the bottom! I’m wondering: how will the sunset look like with this all made of ice?

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