Dutch Design Week Guide

What I am Living: Dutch Design Week. From Northern Europe to Italy and from Italy to the US. From the US to London and now finally back to Northern Europe. Sometimes, rather than a never ending journey, I think life is a cycle. Always bringing you back to places that you love and that inspire you. Without you planning to. Sometimes I think it’s my saudade, doing her magic. That’s why after Copenhagen, I’m here again. In Eindhoven. In the Netherlands. Dutch Design Week starts – in fact – today.

Dutch Design Week

About Dutch Design Week

For this time of the year, the city hosts a great number of local and international designers and visitors, as well as organizing events and exhibitions in more than 100 locations. For the biggest Design event in Northern Europe. With the aim of promoting a Dutch attitude in Design, Dutch Design Week seeks out for designers that identify with a functionalist, humanist, free and solution-oriented approach.

Dutch Design Week

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Dutch Design Week: If not us, then who?

Why am I here? Well, I mainly just fell for their theme, really. “Dutch Design Week theme announced: If not us, then who?”. If not Designers, then who? And I could not resist. I am in fact a firm believer that the world has been and Is beign designed. Constantly. And constantly changing. Unique. This means that designers have a great responsibility in our present and future. And I am here to watch them bear it up high, and share that responsibility with them. Just as I did with my father.

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The world is the designers’ greatest project, and I am part of it.Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week

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