Saint Tropez Luxury Travel Guide

Although nowadays Saint Tropez is well-known by the glamorous beach resorts and splendid coast line, the past of the city was way less colorful – at least in my mind. Despite the familiarity I feel towards the city, first memories that come to my mind are stories about my father’s needy and challenging childhood he had to overcome right then. Might be due to this reason I feel being part of this city and the city seems to be part of me – do you want to go on an adventure while tasting and feeling the choices of Saint Tropez I used to adore?

Chateau de la Messardiere in Saint Tropez

Breakfast at Saint Tropez

With a view over the bay of Pampelonne, Chateau de la Messardiere hotel got my heart straight after coming on it’s hillside, just a hop from Saint Tropez ‘s center. Built in the 19th century, Saint Tropez ’s largest hotel has an exclusivity I felt satisfied and pleased with. Spaciousness of rooms and public places allowed my mind to grow, the view over the balcony to rethink my life and civility of a staff to forget about all of it. Besides remarkable sounds, smells and endless activities I found in the city, this place resettled me to focus on my upcoming destinations and goals I want to accomplish.

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Hotel in Saint Tropez

La Vague d’Or in Saint Tropez

Despite my passion for Michelin stars restaurants all around the world, La Vague d’Or definitely belongs to my top 3. I was surprised how the chef – Arnaud Donckele – understands the chemistry of food and human taste there. Next to visual, eye-catching delights, I could not resist to red mullet and squid with oven-dried tomatoes, wild fennel and pickled mushrooms accompanied with a glass of natural Atanasius Gut Oggau grape wine – it is worth a sin. The touch of perfection in each aspect – attention even to smallest details, quality, service – made me remember my father and his pure endeavor of always striving for the excellence. That’s how he changed the concept of Saint-Tropez in my mind as a thriving, well-developed place to create a business or simply to have rest in your own way.

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Dinner at Saint Tropez

The harmony of flavors still remains on my tongue while bringing me back way before then – childhood adventures in wheat lands, first love affairs besides the apple tree, first business failures while pouring down the rain, warmth of loving home, leavings and all returnings that feel differently each time I step on a land again.

Lunch at Saint Tropez

Keeping my long-lasted sympathy for the French model, actress and one the beauty symbols Brigitte Bardot, I could not pass by the Club 55 located in the Pampelonne beach, where she used to go while filming And God Created Woman. Nonetheless, this town on the French Riviera made me feel like being part of a film too. Isn’t our life a movie we have a chance to write the script each day, fluctuating from romantic beginning to the challenging thriller at the end?

Saint Tropez by night

Each adventure has the ending only for opening new gates. Would you like to taste and feel the place I am heading now?

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