Eindhoven Luxury Travel Guide

I have a feeling I find no words to describe. Have you ever caught yourself within the belongingness to a person, a thing or.. a place? I surely do feel it each time when I get to my beloved Eindhoven, Netherlands, the capital of design where the Dutch Design Week currently is taking place. You may ask why yet I have no answer  – a deep breath-in of a fresh air, getting lost into the hustle of the city or simply taking a belegen cheese with a small glass of Jenever. It simply smells and tastes like home.

It is believed by the majority that people you meet along the way are those who give a value to the place, however, I always try to give a meaning to the place by simply being (with) myself. Loneliness? Nothing even similar. I call it strength, independence, eagerness for discovery and exploration. Can you guess what places I used to pick once I get to the Eindhoven?

Pullman Hotel Eindhoven Cocagne

Eindhoven opens doors for art-thirsty lovers of contemporary. Being one of them I was thrown far from a casual living by Pullman Hotel. Located in a charming heart of the city, one step outside gives you a range of “food for your mind” inside. I was astonished by De Admirant, Evoluon, Lichttoren landmarks, historical churches with Oude Toren and Paterskerk standing high ahead as well as innovations all around making Eindhoven European technology hub.

Ilio’s restaurant in Eindhoven

What a feast of flavors I had experienced in award-winning Ilio’s restaurant last night. A tender grilled octopus with a taste of lime could have been praised the whole stopover until, by the suggestion of the chef, I have discovered braised beef ribs – a.k.a. piece of heaven that melts in your mouth.

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Vestedatoren in Eindhoven

I used to be called a dreamer of my pure love to ever-changing phases of the sky and the moon. However, so many people forget to look up as if they would be imprisoned in the soil. If you are not among them – you have no chances to miss the Vestedatoren tower which, being 90 metres high, opens the skyline of Eindhoven.

However, even the smallest gaze into the sky reminds me the view of the city from above while taking a flight. The upcoming one is in 6 days – where the travelling bug will take me now?

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