best travel destinations for 2019

Top 10 Best Travel Destinations for 2019

I am a firm believer that it’s the journey that makes the travel, and not the destination. I’d even go as far as sounding maybe philosophical, saying that happiness can almost never be found on a map, but it needs to be carried with you to the place you’re headed to. The arrival can in fact sometimes even signal the end of a meaningful journey, rather than the final goal. …But sometimes there are exceptions. Sometimes destinations can make a difference, and other times change you. Have so much of an impact on you that you’d never forget them and the experience they offered. So here is my share, from my heart to yours, a list of must-see’s for the next year. The best of the best travel destinations for 2019.

Best travel destinations for 2019 that might change your life


best travel destinations for 2019

First on my line of best travel destinations for 2019 is Namibia, who is generally expected to be a popular destination for the incoming year for all lovers of the luxury lifestyle. I have rarely found landscapes as impressive and breath-taking as the ones in Namibia.


Always a top destination for lovers of nature and peace. Its most remote parts are almost untouched and truly a break-free from the stress of society. Moreover, you might want to visit the newly renovated Wanuskewin Heritage Park and make yours a luxury travel.

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best travel destinations for 2019

For a similar break-free, although in a much more exotic and wild style, Zambia is one of the best travel destinations for 2019. This, regardless of whether you are interested in a luxurious safari experience as at the one at Extraordinary Journeys… or in a peaceful encounter with primal nature. Truly a must-see.

Stockholm and Copenhagen

best travel destinations for 2019best travel destinations for 2019

Capitals of Scandi Design although for different reasons, these two are must-see’s destinations in 2019. Whether it’s to visit Stockholm Fashion and Design Week, or a luxury travel to the outstanding eco-design ski-destination called CopenHill.

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One of the best travel destinations in 2019 because of its wild coastlines and lodges, Tasmania is host of the outstanding MONA Museum (Museum of Old and New Art), renowned among other things for its design and architecture. The island is also equipped with impressive and modern luxury hotels, like the unrivaled Pumphouse Point. Making it the perfect destination for the luxury lifestyle lovers.


best travel destinations for 2019

Singapore will be celebrating its founding anniversary in 2019, which makes it the perfect year for a visit as well as the perfect luxury travel destination for the year. The city-state will in fact be revealing some impressive new luxury hotels as well as uncover some newly renovated ones. Among these will be the Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore.

Napa Valley

The Napa Valley is also seeing some impressive renovations and novelties, which will make it one of the best travel destinations for 2019. Especially in the field of luxury, hospitality and design. Among these will be the Francis House, as well as the must-see winery Ashes & Diamonds, with the countries top wines.

Matera (Italy)

best travel destinations for 2019

Italy would obviously not be off this list, especially as Southern Italian city Matera will be wearing its crown of 2019 European Capital of Culture. Outstanding and unique hotels such as the Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita have been inaugurated for the occasion, transforimg the city typical and characterising caves into an original luxury travel destination.

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best travel destinations for 2019

Japan is a top destination for many, undoubtedly. As it offers the perfect mixture of hectic city life and relaxing, tropical peacefulness. The Seto Naikai, for example, has always been a region with few visitors and long known to be an antidote for stress. A good solution would be a luxurious yacht trip on the Japanese Inland Sea.

Which of these best travel destinations for 2019 will you be booking?

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