Is a Studio really luxury?

Studio: Is it really luxury? Since I’m always on the go somewhere, always travelling and exploring ever newer destinations and pleasures, some might misunderstand. Some might get the wrong idea and think I do not have a fixed place to go back to. A nest. A home to return. It would be understandable, given the content and stories of this blog (I am still in Vienna right now, for example). On the contrary, though, I own several. And I just recently made a new addition. And here come my best selection of tips and ideas for it.

Luxury Studio

My Luxury Studio Life

So, I just recently acquired a wonderful studio in the heart of the city. It took me a lot of pondering as I am a lover of tranquillity and utmost comfort, but I could not resist. The desire to own such a beautiful space and to décor it won me over completely. I thought therefore that it would be a great idea to share with you all my luxury interior design inspiration kick. I am sure you’ll feel inspired to redecor your own studio apartment, and learn some tips from the latest trends. As well as some ideas to design your own luxury studio life.

My Best Selection:

I am not going to share every single piece I chose, as I still want to keep some uniqueness to myself. But I could just not let the world be unaware of the most sober and elegant, almost Tom-Fordian sofa you will have ever seen: the Dandridge Sofa. I knew from the start that it would never fail me, but it did a more than exceptional job in my studio, with the detail of the sloping arms and the elegant, slender legs in polished brass. And it just goes perfectly well with the Wave Nightstand. A match made in heaven.

Luxury Studio

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 Now, another small piece of furniture that just completely won my heart over. With the Wave Nightstand is was love at first sight. The designer did such an amazing job with this piece of design. I just fell in love with the drawer detail as well as the black mirror and hammered copper finish.Luxury Studio

Free Inspirations

And dulcis in fundo, the Miles table lamp. This mid-century, 50s-inspired but still iconic table lamp was my absolute favourite piece of décor, and needed to join me in my new luxury studio life in the city. Its retro but modern and masculine vibe just seduced me completely.

Luxury Studio

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