Pullcast Jewelry Hardware

Is Pullcast Jewerly Hardware really luxury?

Decorex and the London Design Festival have just come to an end, and as you may know I had been invited to Decorex to visit a few of my favourite Interior Design brands (LUXXU, among others, was also there), as well as to get some new inspiration. Pullcast Jewelry Hardware was also there – a luxury hardware brand whose products actually resemble jewelry more than hardware.

About PullCast Jewellery Hardware

Pullcast Jewelry Hardware

Pullcast Jewelry Hardware is a brand that aims at fusing adventure and art into an object that – inspired by the forms and wonders of nature – finally brings a sense of wild rarity and legacy to the environment it is set in. They were at Decorex to present some of their best pieces, and to showcase their best techniques as – yes – a craftsman was right there, working his magic on the products right in front of my incredulous eyes. I could just stand there, astounded, staring at him and all that breathtaking talent.

Magic at Decorex and London Design Festival

Pullcast Jewelry Hardware

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Among the best sellers they brought to London Design Festival were the Kesya Door Pull, the Skyline Pull and the Octo Pull. Needless to say I was in love with every single one of them, and wish you had all been there to share my exact feelings! How they manage to elevate such small and practical objects to such high levels of luxury and elegance still amazes me… just like their small but intimate stand at Decorex!

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Pullcast Jewelry Hardware

I couldn’t however just stand there and watch, so I went on and bought my favorite pieces. My body just moved on its own. Every single item is so different and unique that it was actually extremely hard to choose -you know me, I’m weak to beautiful and extravagant things. In the end, though, I just knew fully well that that was exactly what my apartment needed. Why had I never thought about it before?

If jewelry can bring a certain je-ne-sais-quoi and a whole lot of personality to a person, why not to a room? And Pullcast effortlessly manages to completely transform and luxe up any interior… by just adding one single piece.

Their motto? Obviously, ‘Details can change the world‘.

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