Peninsula Paris Hotel

Everything you need to know about the Peninsula Paris Hotel

Have you ever wandered what is at the heart of Paris? I have. And I have come to the conclusion that the answer might be different for everyone, as everyone thinks of something different when thinking of Paris. For me, at the heart of Paris lies the Peninsula Paris Hotel. One of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Paris and one of my guiding lights in the city of lights. If you want to see what I mean with your own eyes, just head over to 19 Avenue Kleber.

Peninsula Paris Hotel Peninsula Paris Hotel

About the Peninsula Paris Hotel

Just take a few steps from the Arc de Triomphe and you will find it. A luxurious and elegant building from 1908, preserving 200 just as luxurious and prestigious rooms. A night in the magical luxury hotel would amount to a minimum €1000. Besides the largest rooms in Paris, this hotel boasts 34 beautiful luxury suites with private rooftop garden and city view.

Peninsula Paris Hotel Peninsula Paris Hotel

Not just the rooms though, the hotel per se displays a complementary airy design and a refined colour palette focused on different and muted nuances of cream. The soft and uniform palette is then paired with accent details of wood and stone decorations. But what is most special about the Peninsula Paris Hotel design is the presence of 40.000 pieces of gold leaf, as well as the crystal sculpture called “Dancing Leaves” in the lobby.

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Peninsula Paris Hotel Peninsula Paris Hotel

The luxurious spa – inspired by the hotel Hong Kong origin -, the several luxury restaurants and the exclusive Le Bar Kleber are other highlights. The last one in particular is an impeccable bar I strongly recommend to anyone visiting Paris and the Peninsula Paris Hotel.

After all, why wouldn’t you?

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