Is Patek Philippe Grand Complications really Luxury?

Patek Philippe Grand Complications: Is it really luxury? I know many of you might have expected this edition to be about some Danish piece of luxury, given my most recent destination. But this time I thought I would surprise you. Not many might know this about me, in fact, but I have undoubtedly always had a sweet spot for a good luxury watch. I must say that in my life I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to see my share… But up until now, nothing has managed to beat the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Collection.

Patek Philippe‘s history…

Even before the Patek Philippe Grand Complications collection, Patek Philippe is one of those luxury watch powerhouses that can boast an extremely long history of successes. It all started back in 1839, when Patek Philippe was not even their original name. The luxury watch manifacture got its name much later – in 1851 in fact -, the same year that at the Great Exhibition in London, Queen Victoria of England stood there admiring of the world’s first keyless watches – invented a few years earlier by Jean Adrien Philippe.

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But that’s not all, in 1868 Patek Philippe was in fact the first Luxury Watch house to create the Swiss Wristwatch – made for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary – and later on the first luxury watch with a double chronograph. Their history of successes goes on uninterrupted. And then, at the manufacture’s 175th anniversary back in 2014, they launched the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime (6300G) – today part of the Patek Philippe Grand Complications Collection. My personal favourite.

…until the Patek Philippe Grand Complications 6300G

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Made with the most exquisite materials, the Patek Philippe Grand Complications 6300G boasts all the best features of a luxury watch: dials in ebony black, silver and 18k gold opaline. A shiny black alligator strap with square scales – obviously handstitched. And, dulcis in fundo, a white gold case.

Can you even fathom something more beautiful?

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