outstanding restaurants in Paris

Outstanding Restaurants in Paris

Many things can be said of Paris, and one of these is that it probably is the capital of gourmet food. And not just that, but of design restaurants too. It could be said in fact that gourmet and fine dining was invented in Paris.. but just as true is the fact that design restaurants were born in the French Capital, and this branch of interior design has thrived here ever since. Needless is, in fact, to say that there are uncountable outstanding restaurants in Paris.

A selection is therefore much needed. A list of the best luxury restaurants that besides serving us the very best of fine dining, also delight us with impressive interior design. A combination of two of my greatest passion. As well as of the talents of these chefs and interior designers, that together created some of the most outstanding restaurants in Paris.

outstanding restaurants in Paris

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee

This luxury restaurant is located in the magical space that is the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris. With a deconstructed, modern crystal chandelier at its heart, this restaurant gets its fantastic atmosphere from the dispersed crystal pieces. Magically suspended on an invisible wire. Clean and futuristic, its designers Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku wanted to mark the new era that would be that of Chef Alain Ducasse.

outstanding restaurants in Paris


This Michelin starred restaurants presents the best of fine dining by Chef Matheiu Pacaud and the modern interiors designed by Patrick Gilles and Dorothee Boisser. Combining the best of cooking and décor, the Hexagone displays stunning lighting pieces and graphics inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland… Making its visit an unforgettable adventure.

outstanding restaurants in Paris

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Café de l’Homme

Dreaming of drinking coffee while admiring the stunning view that is the Eiffel Tower? Then this design restaurant might be the one from your dreams. Designed by the same Gilles and Boissier that are behind another of our outstanding restaurants in Paris, this is one of the most stylish luxury restaurants in Paris. The architects were attentive enough to leave the original Art Deco style untouched, but added warmer, sand-colored tones and details as well as the magical lighting pieces of designer Alain Guilhot… for a majestic and dreamlike result.

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outstanding restaurants in Paris

Monsieur Bleu

The creation of one of the world’s favourite and most talented designers, Joseph Dirand, this is one of the most outstanding restaurants in Paris, if not in France. Brilliant, minimal and sensual at the same time, as only Joseph Dirant can imagine, this luxury restaurant is located in the busy Palais de Tokyo. An unmissable stop in the City of Lights.

outstanding restaurants in Parisoutstanding restaurants in Paris

Café Mollien

Last but not least on our list of outstanding restaurants in Paris, this design restaurant is one of the treasures kept inside The Louvre’s. Designed by Interior Designer Mathieu Lehanneur, this jewel offers us an impressive, stunning ambiance of pale pinks, marble and brass.

outstanding restaurants in Parisoutstanding restaurants in Paris

Can you think of any more outstanding restaurants in Paris?

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