My Travel Essentials

Deciding what to bring while traveling is the first part of all the fun. I must say that traveling is intrinsic in me, therefore I do it very often. Because of that I already have my list of the most exclusive premium pieces from the most high-end brands and designers that I bring with me every time I go somewhere. You can find the list of my Travel Essentials below.


To Pack

Travel Essentials

Louis Vuitton Backpack – Louis Vuitton Travel Bag – Louis Vuitton Card Game

A backpack is a must-have in every trip. I love to bring everything I need with me every time I go out. To pack the clothes and everything I need a Travel Bag fits the essential, yet I never forget my card game! I have lots of stories with it, you would never guess how a card game can change a trip.


To Write

Travel Essentials

Montblanc Notebook – Montblanc Notepad John F. Kennedy Pen – Montblanc Passport Holder

Everything must be organized: my documents, papers, and notes. I write a lot and I can’t leave without my travel notebook and pen. This Montblanc notebook has the softest touch I ever felt and the paper is thick enough for me to actually feel the weight every time I lift a page. The notepad became my best friend during reunions and travels because I can save there everything I need: my business cards, papers, my pen and even my iPad! Regardless to the John F. Kennedy limited edition pen, I got it as a gift but that’s another story to tell…

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To Stay On

Travel Essentials

iPhone X – Apple Watch Hermès

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When I’m not writing I am using my phone or listening to music. Maybe I’ll share some playlists with you later, let’s see. But because I can never go offline, my Apple Watch is my dearest tech fellowship: because it’s the best and I can change the bracelet to match myself.


To Wear

Travel Essentials

Alexander McQueen Blazer – Alexander McQueen Suit Trousers – Chopard Sunglasses

The men who said that traveling in a suit isn’t comfortable never tried an Alexander McQueen suit. I have a few but this navy one is the one I love the most and that matches all my travel sets. It’s light and goes along with my body: I can feel the freedom of movement. With that and the Chopard sunglasses, you can never go wrong!

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