Russia Luxury Collection

This trip to Russia has made me find lots of amazing exclusives that I’ll take with me to later become present memories of what’s coming to be an amazing trip so far.

Luxury is defined by different standards in every country I visit but Russia takes it to another level. Similar do what people think it’s luxury in Dubai, Russians have extravagant – and sometimes odd – tastes.

I visited one of the Fabergé exhibition in Vladivostok with their invitation and I got so fascinated by all the rare and amazing pieces they had there that I ordered one of their most amazing timepieces: the Fabergé Visionnaire Chronograph! I still don’t have it with me, but I’m waiting for it to arrive quickly! I almost could say that I needed sunglasses inside their rooms: everything shines like a star! The diamonds, the gold, the unforgettable art pieces… Something to dream of. As well as my Marrusia B3! What a car! They were doing a show to present this car and when they heard that I was in Russia they invited me to take a driving test: and I loved it! The feeling of driving a plain is what I got once I tried it. Soft yet rough is a very silent car with nothing to complain about. They are still on the first step to lunch this car, but they conquered my desire and I couldn’t leave without one.

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As a good Russian, I had to try good Vodka therefore I did. And one of the best was the Beluga Gold Vodka they served on the train. Incredible! A must try if you go to Russia!

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Last but not least Natura Siberica sent me their products for me to try during my trip and the one I found to be the best was the Tiger’s Paw Reviving Face Cleansing Scrub. I like to take a good care of me every day and this was my choice for the next 15. The smell was amazing and it’s all natural. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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