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A private jet is not a luxury; it is a necessity. – T. S. Kalyanaraman

My favorite quote at the moment. I’ve decided to buy a private jet a few years agora and I understood what a huge difference it made in my life. I love to travel, you all should know it by now, but I hate, hate, hate jet lag. It’s way easier for me to stay awake. Therefore, because I’ll make an effort to stay awake, the least I can ask for is comfort: so I bought a private jet!

Private Jet Interior Private Jet Interior

Let me introduce you to The Gulfstream G650ER! Besides the jet lag, my second worst thing is the noise: I can’t focus and I can’t work. But this jet solves my problem with a structure that makes my flight the most amazing experience I can get on the air. I dare to say that working with the big view that the huge windows provide is one of my favorite things to do. I don’t even complain about long flights anymore because I feel at home.

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Private Jet Interior Private Jet Interior

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The main areas are easy to change according to how many people are on the plane, but since I usually travel alone my cinema area is always ready to receive me with great concent. Even knowing that every seat has the latest HD technology for everyone to enjoy whatever they want to see, I always prefer to lay down on the sofa with the big pillows and watch my show when I have new episodes coming out.

Private Jet Interior

This is perfect. Even the air is purified every 2 minutes to make sure everything is perfect. I feel like I can’t describe how amazing this makes me feel, the leather, the floor, it’s so comfortable… Sometimes the only thing I could wish for is someone else to share it with me.

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