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The countdown is on for Design Matters and just a couple of days are left before the exhibition of International and local, Copenhagen Design (although digital) starts. As I am a lover of tranquility and comfort, I have already been in Copenhagen for a couple of days, just in time to start settling down before Copenhagen Design Week starts. And here, of course, I have had time to experience a bit of the world-famous Danish lux.


Now, as many of you design lovers may well imagine, Danish and – more in particular – Copenhagen Design is all about minimalism. I also know that to many of you the two words ‘Luxury’ and ‘Minimalism’ might well sound contrasting. Minimalism is in fact greatly inspired by a more rustic and simple time, while Luxury sometimes tends to follow the motto of ‘More is more‘. However, after a couple of days in the city of Copenhagen Design Week, that is not truly my opinion.

Copenhagen Design

Where to stay for Copenhagen Design Week

First of all, I was left speechless when I entered the hotel I had booked for my staying. The Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is a sublime combination of modern Luxury and minimalist Copenhagen Design. Their architecture and interior design was in fact not only contemporary-inspired, but also owned up to a more classic and iconic taste. They are committed to creating ‘an environment where you feel that there is an authentic soul and attention to the smallest detail‘. And I definitely did feel that. ‘It’s our personal definition of luxury‘.

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen Nobis Restaurant Copenhagen

That is indeed true. Copenhagen Design in general does not ever make the mistake of falling in the trap that might be ‘obvious’ luxury. The city and its designers, architects and entrepreneur have undoubtedly made a great effort into redefining their own idea of sophisticated and luxurious. And the Nobis Hotel Copenhagen was not its only result.

What to do in Copenhagen

Noma Restaurant Noma Restaurant Copenhagen

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In the few days I have been here so long, I have tried my share of restaurants and boutiques – I browsed through the collections of some lux local brands such as Wood Wood, Won Hundred and Libertine-Libertine – and was actually very surprised when presented with some of the most exclusive and luxurious focal points of Copenhagen design. One (and maybe the most obvious exemple) was Noma, 2010’s World’s Best Restaurant. It was extremely hard to get a table as they have very long waiting lists, but at the end Noma showcases indeed the very best of Scandinavian cuisine and design. I was althoug left astounded by the fact that the restaurant is located in an old warehouse that once was used to store whale blubber. Furthermore, in typical Scandi concept, they drastically change the menu according to the ingredients that are at their peak in that season. Could one ask for anything better?

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