Vienna Design Week Guide

So, for every one of you who has yet to visit the city of Vienna for the first time: I’m officially communicating to you that you are missing out. I had obviously been to Vienna before and had already had the chance to fall in love with the city a few times (all over again). I have however never had the chance to attend the city’s event of the year, namely Vienna Design Week. The best Design brands coming together in such an amazing city.

Although I am here for such an amazing reason such as Vienna Design Week, I obligated myself to exploit an occasion that was too good to miss. Vienna has in fact a wide range and renowned choice of Luxury Hotels and Luxury Spas. And I thought that after all the travelling and events (especially after the latest Copenhagen and Bologna Design Week) of these past few weeks, I really needed some well-deserved, luxurious pampering.

Where to stay for Vienna Design Week

So, let’s start from the hotel. My choice for Vienna Design Week this year had to be the Sofitel Hotel. The Sofitel Hotel, also called SO/ Hotel, is a French-inspired Luxury Hotel that oozes sophistication from every piece of furniture. Although the concept and architect/designs are French (top French architect Jean Nouvel was the mastermind behind it), though, the architecture and design takes after the nearby and incredible Cathedral of St. Stephen.

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It is located in the heart of the city but reminds of a dreamlike place, where its restaurant – the Das Loft, entirely built with glass – seem to be hovering above the city, offering you a breath-taking view beside some amazing and avantgarde food.

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Relaxing during Vienna Design Week

As I mentioned before, this time I granted myself a well-deserved pampering session. The SO/ Spa, although being at the heart of the busy city of Vienna, is an intimate and peaceful oasis. Their Spa Menu, that they define as ‘gourmet’, offers a vast choice of traditional and almost mystical oriental treatments, combined with the best of French wellness products.

Eating out during Vienna Design Week

I had honestly never heard of Chef Silvio Nickol, and I regret it deeply. His extensive and studied combinations of food and wine or champagne left me dreaming. Silvio Nickol’s multi-Michelin-starred Restaurant is located within the fascinating Palais Coburn and is generally considered one of the best luxury restaurants the Viennese city. A chance not to miss during the luxurious celebration of design that is Vienna Design Week.

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