Top 3 Best Luxury Hotels Right Now

My Monday Exclusive: My Top 3 Best Luxury Hotels. These days I have been waking up feeling very grateful. Of everything that has happened to me, without me wanting it to. Of everything I have accomplished in life. Of everything I have seen other people accomplish. Of all the places I have seen and visited. Of everything I have had the opportunity to enjoy.

Best Luxury Hotels

I have undoubtedly seen my share of magical places, and had experiences that were just as special. And behind every single one of them, I obviously always had a place to return to. I always think 3 or 4 times before choosing where to stay when I am travelling. I am capricious and demanding when it comes to hotels, and they often do not reach my standards. Let alone surpass them.

“I have undoubtedly seen my share of magical places”

Best Luxury Hotels

But a few times, these have surprised me. In a good way. I have been at hotels that were just truly, simply magical. Where the service is impeccable. Where the interiors and designs made me feel like in wonderland. And that is so rare for me, that I decided to provide you a list. The list of my top 3 Best Luxury Hotels in the world. La crème de la crème. My absolute best.

Top 3 Best Luxury Hotels

Best Luxury Hotels

Hotel Barcelo Torre De Madrid

Best Luxury Hotels
First in my Top 3 of Best Luxury Hotels, is the Barcelo Hotel in Madrid. Designed by Madrid-born designer Jaime Hayon, the Barcelo Hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Hayon’s native roots are clearly visible in the historical and cultural Spanish details and reference. And just as clear are his surrealist influences. I am always completely amazed by the strong presence of the designer’s art, everytime I pay a visit.

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The Ned London

Best Luxury Hotels
The Ned London is a reality of its own. A 252-rooms hotel and member’s club. It owns 11 floors, 15 bars, 2 pools, a gym, a spa and a barber ship. The hotel is a hymn to classicists extravaganza. And could not not-be one of my top best luxury hotels.

At Six Stockholm

Best Luxury Hotels
This hotel was given new life to, when it got renovated. The original building and its location where indeed victims to the brutalist architectural tendencies of its time. But it got literally saved by art, which made it a surprisingly sleek and welcoming modern hotel. With top-notch service, of course. There’s no one I wouldn’t recommend their Masterpiece suite to. I will never forget the rooftop terrace.

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Best Luxury Hotels

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