My Dolce Vita Experience

My Monday Exclusive: Dolce Vita Edition. Most of you will probably have watched Italian movie “La Dolce Vita” at least once, by Italian director and filmmaker Federico Fellini. But have you ever watched another one of his movies, “Amarcord”? In Fellini’s dialect – that is the dialect of Rimini, “Amarcord” means “I remember”. As its title suggests, this is a movie all about nostalgia, and the joy and bitter-sweetness that comes with it. And it’s a celebration of Rimini. Here he narrates his own Dolce Vita, his sweet life and youth in this amazing city.

The same city that I have now had the chance to explore, although without all the flamboyant characters of Fellini’s movie.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita in the Grand Hotel Rimini

At the heart of the movie Amarcord and of Fellini’s life, lies the Grand Hotel Rimini. As in the movie, Fellini – who came from a poor background – used to often look through the gates with dreaming eyes. This is also the place where he would later collapse, before dying shortly after, in Rome. As expected, the Grand Hotel Rimini is one of the most attractive spots in Rimini. It is characterized by its classic and luxurious style, and its rooms are decorated with Venetian and French furniture pieces and chandeliers from the 18th century.

Because of its unrivaled beauty and mystical connections with Federico Fellini, I took the chance and honour of staying in this hotel. And was not disappointed.

Dolce Vita

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Dolce Vita and Luxury food in Rimini

Although busy following amazing Federico Fellini’s steps in the city, I could just not avoid giving in to some excellent Italian luxury food. And Rimini did once again not disappoint. The city offers several alternatives of exceptional culinary experiences and luxury food. These are only the tip of the iceberg, but still my favourites: first I went to Quartopiano Suite Restaurant, where famous Chef Silver Succi re-interprets local dishes to achieve completely new and luxurious experiences.

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Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita

Another hidden gem is Abocar, which is a modern trattoria with incredible food and a breathtaking, romantic atmosphere.

Dolce VitaDolce Vita

And finally, Ristoarnte Guido, a delicious restaurant by the sea, with Mediterranean dishes of the highest quality.

Dolce VitaDolce Vita

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