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The 3 Most Expensive Cars every Gentleman should own

I may or may not have already talked about cars here once before. If I did, it might have been a memorable ride I have had somewhere in the world, probably the Aston Martin Speed S in London. If I did not, that would have been most natural to me as cars are not usually a topic of conversation for me. And that is not because I am not a lover of the motor machine, but because I usually lack the enthusiasm for talking about motors and engines. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to speak my mind about the most expensive cars.

most expensive cars

Cars have had a relatively decorative role in my life. Having led the life I have and traveling as much as I do, they are a necessity. And very rarely I have the chance of enjoying my time alone with a warm, rumbling engine. But sometimes I have the pleasure of doing so. And truth is, the cars we drive actually say a lot about us. About our life, and our routines. Our taste. The beauty of the car, its history and the one of the companies that made it say a lot about why you chose just that one. And whether you drive one of the most expensive cars in the world or not… life is stressful. And sometimes, you only need to get into the car, open the window and leave it all behind. So here it is…

My list of the 3 most expensive cars every gentleman should own

Mercedes-AMG ONE

mercedes most expensive cars

Producing only 275 examples of the formerly known Project One, Mercedes is delivering the now AMG ONE in 2019. This is practically a Formula One car, created using components from Mercedes’ championship-winning cars. It’s in fact so much like a Formula One car that its interior is pretty minimal. The Mercedes-AMG ONE is definitely the car for the connoisseurs. Its beauty is very specific, making it, of course, one of the most expensive cars in the world (amounting to $2.5 million). The two heavily bolstered seats are installed close together and the F1-inspired steering wheel features buttons for the several driving modes and suspension settings.

mercedes most expensive cars

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McLaren Speedtail

mclaren speedtail most expensive carsMcLaren speedtail most expensive cars

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This British beauty was also built as a tribute to the F1 colossus. But differently, from one, the McLaren Speedtail does not sacrifice comfort for power. Just like in an F1 the driver’s seat is placed in the middle, with one passenger seat per side. There are only going to be 100 or so examples of this impressive creation. And they are going to be priced $2.2 million each… once again, one of the most expensive cars on the market.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

aston Martin most expensive carsaston Martin most expensive cars

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This is one is last for a reason. Aston Martin has been quite secretive about this car, but we know it’s going to be a hypercar. The closest example to Formula 1 the luxury brand has made… but still 100% luxury. With no steel components, this car will be all carbon-fiber, making an incredibly powerful car, exceptionally lightweight. Not ‘one of the most expensive cars’ but the most expensive car so far, it’s said to amount to $2.6 million. Aston Martin has yet to reveal the official price, but I know it’s going to be worth every single million.

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