The Ultimate London Luxury Guide

The Ultimate Luxury Guide for London

There are two quotes about London that will always be part of my everyday thought. First, William Shenstone said that “Nothing in London is certain but expense.” and that’s true, but also why this city has its charm, hard to get, but incredible to experience. Second, Rachel Weisz made her statement saying that “London’s sexy because it’s so full of eccentrics.” and because I love London and I go there very often, I can individually confirm this! So, to make sure everyone can enjoy London the same way I do, I made this Luxury Guide for London in which I share my personal favorite spots of this incredible town.

The Ultimate Luxury Guide for London

Luxury Hotels in London

Rosewood Hotel

rosewood London hotel

While here, I granted myself to quickly touche base at the Rosewood Hotel in London. My adoration for its architecture and interiors is timeless. A temple, a sanctuary, for every lover of everything luxurious. A place that oozes both tranquility and sophistication at the same time, the Rosewood London is the place for an elegant and recharging Afternoon Tea, or for a relaxing and exquisite dinner (the modern touch of the bar is something you do not want to miss the next time you’re in this amazing city). When the intensity of some event would get the best of me, I’d just take my Aston Martin and drive to the Rosewood London for a quick refreshment. Nonetheless, I was obviously never tired enough to give up a good experience of British quality investment. In fact, I made sure to pick up a few London-based things that I know will make me fall in love with the city and its highest-quality luxury all over again, every time I’d make use out of them.

The Ned

Best Luxury Hotels

The Ned London is a reality of its own. A 252-rooms hotel and member’s club. It owns 11 floors, 15 bars, 2 pools, a gym, a spa and a barber shop. The hotel is a hymn to classicists extravaganza. And could not not-be one of my top best luxury hotels.

Hotel 41 London

Alexander McQueen

I am in fact staying at Hotel 41. The Hotel 41, rather. Voted n’1 hotel in London and in the United Kingdom, this 5 stars hotel probably occupied the best spot in the city. A marvelous hidden gem that overlooks Buckingham Palace. Namely, Her Majesty’s residence. An honor to be waking up to this view and thought every morning. But you don’t know me well enough if you think that’s why I chose this Hotel for my stay. Selected by Forbes as one of The World’s Most Luxurious Hotels, its chic black and white design is world-famous. A theme running throughout the whole hotel and its suits. Multidimensional and timeless. The best place to choose to feel at home in, although away. Hotel 41 truly is a hidden gem.

Luxury Restaurants in London

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Top 5 Best London RestaurantsTop 5 Best London Restaurants

Undoubtedly one of my favorites. The interiors of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is of the utmost elegance, contemporary and innovative. The walls are painted ivory and decorated with custom-made porcelain, and the dining room is characterized by continuous, floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Above all, though, I love the contrast with the traditional English cuisine and the historical background that inspired the Chef.

Helene Darroze at The Connaught Hotel

Top 5 Best London RestaurantsTop 5 Best London Restaurants

Located in Mayfair, the Connaught Hotel is situated in one of the most luxurious and tranquil areas of London. Contrasting with the Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, this multi-starred restaurant features a luxurious uptake on fine French cuisine, featuring – among other glamorous dishes – Foie Gras terrine decorated with gold leaf. The sophisticated interior was designed by talented and renowned architect India Mahdavi and presents the art of world-famous artist Damian Hirst. Needless to say that this restaurant is a literal ‘feast for the senses’.


Top 5 Best London RestaurantsTop 5 Best London Restaurants

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Also located in one of my most favorite areas, namely Mayfair, Umu serves the best Japanese cuisine in London, and therefore had to be featured in my Luxury Guide for London. Inspired by the local cuisine of the city of Kyoto, its menu changes with the season, only providing ingredients of the highest and freshest quality. The Japanese culture is present in every detail, from the flower arrangement to the ceramic tableware.

The Dorchester

Top 5 Best London RestaurantsTop 5 Best London Restaurants

One of the only few restaurants in London that have been awarded 3 Michelin stars and owned by world-famous French Chef Alain Ducasse. The Dorchester had to be in my Luxury Guide for London. Its dishes are very unique, not to say refined and modern, boasting the best of both British and French seasonal ingredients. Unique as their signature dish: Saute’ Gourmand of lobster, truffled chicken quenelles and homemade pasta. I was particularly stunned by their private room, where we were seated.

The Square

Top 5 Best London RestaurantsTop 5 Best London Restaurants

Also in the heart of Mayfair, this evolutionary restaurant features a modern and provocative take on French cuisine. The Square perfectly manages to mix urbanism with luxury, placing it on the border with an art gallery. My favorite dish? Langoustine tail with Parmesan gnocchi.

What to do in London


Gentlemen's clubs

White’s is a Gentlemen’s club in London, on St James Street. The city’s oldest (and probably its most exclusive) gentlemen’s club. It hosts a number of very remarkable members, such as British royalty, politicians and noblemen. Both the interiors and exteriors of the club are simply superb. Traditional and sophisticated. I would fall in love with them every time I visited.

The Turf

Gentlemen's clubs

Still, in London, this is another club I love. One of the reasons for this is its position. It occupies a building built and designed by a famous architect of the past. The Turf Club is considered one if not the most exclusive club in London. For me, it’s a marvelous but younger version of the previous gentlemen’s club.

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