Luxury dinner at Dill

Iceland’s Ultimate Luxury Dinner at Dill Restaurant

After a long day enjoying Iceland’s famous and unforgettable spa retreat at Blue Lagoon, I am indeed very hungry. And Iceland has a lot of healthy, Scandinavian food to offer. But do not think of ever missing a luxury dinner at Dill Restaurant. Iceland’s most rewarded restaurant. as well as its first and only Michelin-starred restaurant.

Luxury dinner at Dill

About a Luxury Dinner at Dill Restaurant

Dill was opened back in 2009 and is now a modern Nordic restaurant rediscovering Icelandic culinary traditions. A luxury diner at Dill Restaurant would include local ingredients of the highest quality, including a lot of dry fish, a other dark Northern flavors.

Luxury dinner at Dill

The chef and his team also strive to use ingredients growing wild in Iceland, which makes this restaurant even more peculiar. The use these when at the peak of their natural flavor and trying not to alter their natural taste. The chef also uses preserving techniques which were already used by the Nordic ancestors, such as salting, drying, smoking, pickling and fermenting.

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Luxury dinner at DillLuxury dinner at Dill

Dill’s Interior Design

Located in a former barn in Hverfisgatan 12 in Reykjavik, Dill has been designed by interior designer Halfan Pedersen, who’s also behind the interiors of Kex Hostel and Snaps. A luxury dinner at Dill Restaurant would in fact be characterized by a very distinctive industrial style and colours. Such as the grey from the un-mended and cracked walls.

Luxury dinner at Dill

The dark and muted greens of the lamps, the bar stools. And the darker, warmer tones of the leather and the wood. Because of its outstanding and memorable interior design, in fact, Dill has been nominated for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards of 2015. Making a luxury dinner at Dill Restaurant not just a delicious meal, but an adventure into on of the best designed restaurants I have been to.

Luxury dinner at Dill Luxury dinner at Dill

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