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What I am living: Luxury Dating Apps. As I may have already mentioned before, especially after my last post, I am a romantic. In my life I have stopped several times to think about this. And I came to the conclusion that with a story like the one of my parents, it could not have turned out otherwise. I truly am a romantic. A lover of life, luxury and of everything beautiful. And I try as hard as I can to take the time to appreciate every piece of it, as much as possible.


I do also realise, though, that love can sometimes be tough. Unreliable. And mostly complicated, for some people. And that’s why in the last years we have seen the rise of potential alternative solutions. Escapist methods from that difficult, complex mess that love can sometimes be. I am talking about dating apps. And more specifically, Luxury dating apps.

I must admit that me myself have never tried my hand at either of these. And actually, that I have in the past been more than sceptical about these. But I recently came to realise that love has many forms, and at least just as many expressions. And that for some, these might be a way to make complicated, old love work… in a more functional, maybe easier way.

“But I recently came to realize that love has many forms, and at least just as many expressions”

So here’s my list of the Top 5 Best Luxury Dating Apps:

The Inner Circle
The Inner Circle is an exclusive, invite-only community. A Luxury dating platform where you have to somehow know or be connected with an existing member of the community, as part of the screening process.


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To be suitable candidates for Luxury Dating app Raya, applicants must stand out from the crowd, the company says. That’s why single celebrities and famous individuals are more likely to be allowed in to this exclusive community.

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Luxy is a Luxury dating app that verifies its users by checking their tax return forms, so that they’ll only be in contact with people who are equally well heeled. The service says that one out of every two members is worth over $500,000, while 41% of members boast a wealth of over $1m.

The League
You shouldn’t lower your standards when you enter the online dating world, says The League, a Luxury dating app that promises to find someone who matches your every preference. Applicants have their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles screened before they’re allowed in. Only people who meet your exact preferences can see your profile

Social Concierge
Unlike many others Luxury dating apps, where users chat online before meeting up in person, Social Concierge users can only meet people when they are offline. The company organises private parties for the members, so the app is only used to register for upcoming events. Users are in their 20s and 30s, “well-educated” and with “a passion for what they do,” says Social Concierge.


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