Is the Collector brand really luxury?

Taste and furniture is indeed a very personal thing. One of the greatest traits of human nature, and one that makes me love life so much is the fact that we are all different. There is no “one” thing that can fit us all. No design. No brand. But there is one luxury brand I need to write about today. One that has recently revolutionized my idea of luxury furniture and interior design. I’m talking about the Portuguese Collector brand.

About Collector brand

Collector Brand

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This trending Portuguese top luxury brand had me in its grasp already from the first time I landed my eyes on it. From the first time I saw one of their unique, outstanding pieces. From the first time, I got know about their philosophy and concept. Collector brand is in fact not just like any other furniture design brand. As its name suggests, Collector Journal is a journal. a brand that manages to tell a story with its pieces. Truly an inspiration for this industry that ever so often lacks freshness and creativity. As they themselves say, telling a story, collecting memories… that’s exactly what a Collector would do. It makes you part of the process, a ring in the chain that is the design industry. It makes you live a piece, and re-live something with it. A memory, an experience, a feeling.

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The Collector brand does in fact not only produce luxury goods and luxury design. They aim at adapting, to fusing their luxury and their designs to our homes, to our routines. To our lifestyles. Furniture that once again fuses, blends in with you and with your space. It’s sobriety with a big personality. Customizable to fit you and your needs. Exclusive and with the best quality.

Collector Brand


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