incredible art galleries

5 incredible art galleries you have to visit in Paris

I am a firm believer that art is and has always been a necessary part of humanity, and creativity of human nature. Art has always enabled us to find ourselves, while at the same time getting lost in ourselves and in it. No matter how bad times were, art has always managed to make its way and help us find relief. And beauty. And as a lover of beauty, art is almost all I think about whenever I am in Paris. The city of incredible art galleries. Every time I plan to come, I know it is going to be like a luxury travel through the astounding art that this city preserves.

incredible art galleries

I am therefore going to give you an insight of what to me are the most incredible art galleries in Paris And of how they became what they are.

5 Incredible Art Galleries in Paris

incredible art galleries

Modus Art Gallery

Located in the prestigious Place des Vosges, the Modus Art gallery displays some amazing works of modern and contemporary art. The Marais district in which it is situated, in fact, is one of the most important and historical spots related to art in Paris. And the gallery itself has long since being committed to feature art that challenges the status-quo of things. It’s known for the good relationship with its artists, all while pleasing its wide international audience.

modus art gallery incredible art galleries

Galerie Kamel Mennour

Now located at 47 Rue Saint-Andre-des-arts, its homonym and founder Kamel Mennour gave it his name. One of the reasons why this is one of the most incredible art galleries, is the fact that it hosts and has hosted many, many emerging artists. Obviously, beside the already established ones. And making it even more special, is the fact that it sometimes hosts ‘dialogues’ between artists. As well as thematic and group exhibitions.

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galerie kamel mennourincredible art galleries

Lara Vincy

Now managed by her son, Youri Vincy, this galerie has historically been located at 47 Rue de Seine in the Saint German des Pres area. The Lara Vincy started as a gallery mainly dedicated to the abstract ‘60s. However, it has long since started adventuring in more modern expressions and experimentations, such as sound environments and installations.

Lara vincy incredible art galleries

Xippas Galerie

At the heart of the artistic Marais district, the Xippas Gallery has hosted at least 150 exhibitions in the last 25 years. It is among the largest and most incredible art galleries in Paris, and is now found not just in several European cities but it Latin America too. Its showroom and exhibitions focus on international contemporary art and the promotion of both young and established artists.

xippas gallery incredible art galleries

Galerie Vellois

This too is one of the contemporary incredible art galleries of the French capital, owned by Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois. Among other things, the Galerie Vellois also specializes in Nouveaux Realistes, with names such as the likes of Arman, Cesar and Jacques Villegle.

galerie vellois incredible art galleries

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