Is a Home Bar Really a Luxury?

Home Bar: Is It Really Luxury? I get that many of you might wonder what I do in my free time. Truth is, as you may well have seen yourself, I travel a lot. Because of work, of course, but mostly passion. But as much as I love travelling, I must admit that I am kind of a homey person. Although almost constantly on the-go, I am one of those individuals who treasure their time at home. In the comfort and easiness of their own space.

I realised that about myself not too long ago. When I decided to add a home bar to my apartment. I dedicated a whole room to the calming and pleasurable time I spend in similar places. But I made it private. A place to enjoy time with myself, sometimes close friends. Or just with a good glass of scotch in hand. I put a lot of love and effort in furnishing it. So here is the best selection of bar furniture for my luxury home bar.

Home Bar

Luxury bar furniture: Home bar edition

Let’s start from the star of the room: the bar Cabinet. Not only every home bar, but every house needs one to be complete. It’s the cherry on top of any living room. I went for the Pantelleria Bar Cabinet, in wood, mirrored glass and crystal. A timeless and iconic luxury furniture piece that will never become obsolete.
Home Bar Home Bar

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Seating is also a fundamental component of any bar or home bar, that’s why I chose to use my beloved Doris Bar Chairs for this. The Doris is such a classical and well loved piece. I knew from the start that it would not fail me.
Home Bar
When it comes to lighting, I can be pretty extravagant. And this time too, I did not disappoint. I chose the most luxurious of the luxurious: went big with the Trump, a large chandelier made of gold and crystal. I believe it’s the perfect match for my home bar cabinet.

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Home Bar
The last two pieces of this well loved best selection, are two pieces that I was extremely mesmerised with. The Dupre-Lafon Home Valet, by Hermes. And the Avenue Screen, in ebony, walnut and golden leaf, and metal. These together were for me the best combination of masculine and feminine aesthetics. They add a sultry and mysterious touch to the home bar, one of the most special places in my apartment.

Home BarHome Bar

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