Get to know me: The Beginning

I believe that our perspective over life depends always on the spot we are and the choice we make: to perform or to watch. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t do both. Life has many acts, scenes, shows and we don’t need to be afraid of leaving the stage – or the audience. It’s time to get to know me.

It’s curious: exactly 20 years ago was the first time I sat in one of the chairs at the big table with my dad. His smile… I wish you could have seen it. That feeling of duty accomplished, of being proud! A strong and firm slap on the back and a sentence that had an intonation that I’ll never forget: “This is my son: welcome!”

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I understood that it was the moment: like the moment! I longed and worked for it. If there’s something my dad taught me was that I had to deserve what he gave to me and I really earned that place. Having it was my motivation for being better every day and now, twenty years later, I know that he would be proud of me. I preserved everything that he built as much as I preserve his memory in me. I’ve built on top of the base that he gave me and accomplished the dreams that, in other days, were his. And because of that, I felt like it was the time to leave the stage and watch the amazing things coming from the people that are going to succeed me and find a room to perform to myself.

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The bags are ready, and the staff warned: I’m in constant departure, only returning to satisfy my saudade. I am my new project.

Aiming to discover with my curiosity as the rudder. To meet and meet me. To live and understand. I’ll make the world my home and people my family. I’ll build memories and experiences. Feel invited to come with me.

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