Get to Know Me: Mother’s Inspiration

I think that, somehow, I’m getting richer every day. And no, this time I’m not speaking about money: I’m growing. My mom told me that she traveled the world to understand herself. That, for her, to travel outside was the best choice to meet her inside and to get inspiration.

She visited more than half of the countries in this world to create the furniture pieces that are now in places like the palace of the Queen of England. A remember that she used to sit on the door stage waiting for the ideas to come after one big travel…

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Moodboard Inspiration

“People are so inspiring… The nature, the sun, how you feel the light. Anything can inspire you to create a piece.”

And today I’m sitting on a bench at the Alexandrovsky Garden in Moscow, writing and drawing sketches that come to my mind. After more than 15 days of traveling in Russia, I find myself drowning in colors, shapes, and sounds. Somehow it seems that I still can taste the texture of the Pavlova in my mouth. Or hear the train tracks running against the wind. Or see the amazing art pieces from the exhibitions I’ve visited.

Free Inspirations

I feel like the firework, exploding with ideas. I really want to share them with you.

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