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They call him the minimalist and many of you might already know him as French architect Joseph Dirand has been telling stories with it for the past 20 years. As I already mentioned before, I think we have a lot in common, he and I. He took a lot after his dad, a famous interior photopgrapher working with magazine like The World of Interior Design. And he himself now creates for names like trop luxury brands Pucci, Chloe, Balmain, Alexander Wang and Givenchy, playing with contrasts and sophistication.

Joseph Dirand: Minimalism, Luxury and Interior Design

Joseph Dirand style is in fact, I believe, easily recognizable. Minimalist because of his graphic touch characterized by strong lines and symmetry. Clean and sober but still luxurious and sophisticated. Modern and Classical all at the same time. Inspired by both the luxury architecture Versailles and the minimal Art Povera. For three of his best known interior design projects, in fact, he mostly used a palette of only black and white. Namely for the graphical luxury hotels in Mexico Habita Monterray and Distrito Capital.

Joseph Dirand

What I most like about this interior designer, though, is the fact that he’s style is constantly evolving. As it should be for any artist. For his commission for luxury brand Chloe, Joseph Dirand created in fact a must-see, outstanding boutique with a palette of beiges and pinks, adding brass, bronze and marbles as well as fabrics. Minimalist but sensual and sumptuous interior design. He himself in fact affirms to have evolved throughout the years. From minimalist interior design to story-telling. From “the radicalism of emptiness and contrast”, as Joseph Dirand defines it himself, to cinema.

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His more recent projects in fact might appear more narrative, movie sets only needing an actor to star in them. Joseph Dirand obsession with memories and telling stories has led him to create ambiences with the potential of becoming even more beautiful with time, growing with their inhabitants. Designing and re-designing spaces where people can be immersed and disappear. Make history and live their emotions strongly. Spaces where all people can find a connection.

Joseph Dirand

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