At the club with Essential Home and Delightfull

Being invited by Essential Home and Delightfull to join them at Maison et Objet was a very good opportunity to be alongside with the greatest luxury that craftsmanship can offer. I’m Delighted by the pieces that they assure are Essential to every Home. And I got the chance to understand that.

Essential Home and Delightfull

In between all the amazing art pieces they brought, there were a few that caught my attention and I’m all in for them: I need them at my home! Therefore I did a careful and exclusive selection of the best pieces in this amazing mid-century stand at Maison et Objet.

Essential Home best pieces at Maison et Objet

Florence Stool Florence Sofa Essential Home

This one is, in my opinion, the key piece of this show: the Florence Sofa. Powerful, comfortable, elegant, modern and a statement piece for every house, this sofa made me want to sit and stay here forever. It’s the perfect match for the Florence Stool.

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Collins Bar Chair Essential Home

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These bar chairs remind me of the luxury hotels I’ve been to. The Collins Bar Chair as glamorous glossy black legs, accented by polished brass details, especially in the bottom legs, and is upholstered in velvet. It’s in a way a luxurious statement for a home. Can’t wait to have it in my bar area at my New York apartment!


Delightfull best pieces at Maison et Objet

Brubeck Pendant Delightfull

Now that we are talking about bars, let me tell you: what makes a good bar, other than de drinks? The light, for sure! The light sets the mood, and these two pieces of light amazed me. The Brubeck Pendant and the Turner Table are tho pieces of light that, somehow, match perfectly. Both inspired by music, the first by jazz and the second by pop, they are outstanding creations of handmade lighting design pieces.

Now that you know my choices, come and visit us. We have much more to see and offer!

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