Is Boca do Lobo really Luxury?

I must say that it’s not the first time I buy a piece from Boca do Lobo and every single one of them is completely unforgettable. When people ask me why I give so much money for something like a table or a chair, I just answer them: because I received much more that than. And, for me, that’s what makes it luxury. The definition of luxury will always depend on your perspective through the world. For me, luxury is buying feelings, stories, and experiences. And Boca do Lobo never disappoints on that.

My latest buy were the Soleil chairs for my dining table. I couldn’t decide on which color, so I bought 2 greens and 2 creams. The result? I’ll let you judge.

They say the Soleil Chair was inspired by the character of the famous Cirque du Soleil. But I figured that out instantly as it made me remind of the “Dralion” show. This spectacle is an east meets west show. Amazing colors and a mix of cultures are meant to represent the four elements.

This modern design conception is breathtaking, provokes my ambition and evokes my own strengths invoking my imagination of being in control of a lion. Elementary in the material and complex in the technique, this chair is easy to fall in love with and surprising in all perspectives.

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Free Inspirations

Boca do Lobo has no restrained to use different processes and tools to shape high-end furniture, by giving to their pieces rough yet powerful expression. Forming, cutting and joining processes have been a praiseworthy playground like the little but significant detail of the lion and the legs of this chair, shaped and created with the most traditional and rare techniques, metal cutting and foundry.

With strong and soft colors, the purpose of the chair is to bring the delight tenderness of the upcoming season to every room, like a magic trick. Green and Cream tones combined together result in a flaming hue celebration of empowerment with a strong statement.

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