Best Set for Luxury Business Travels

I have had and still have many interests in my life. Many have changed with years. Came and went. As some were momentary, others stayed. And one, if not the most constant of them is travelling. I have stopped counting a long time ago, how often or all the places I have travelled. Too long ago, but they were surely never too many. Needless to say, I learned a lot from my trips. As well as how to make them more easier and more comfortable. So I’m presenting you today to my Best Set for Luxury Business Travels. These are my favourite luxury brands, for my favourite luxury destination.

luxury business travels

Travelling turned me into the storyteller that I am today, into the person that I am today. Every single destination, every adventure has had an impact on me. Has left me with something new. And still today, after all these years, there is nothing that makes me more excited than a new departure. It’s a childlike feeling that has never abandoned me, and that I hope never will. So here are my luxury travel must-haves.

Best Set for Luxury Business Travels

The Suitcase

set for luxury business travelsset for luxury business travels

My first must-have comes from one of my top luxury brands per excellence. Namely Gucci. The Black Gucci Signature carry-on is compact four-wheel carry-on, perfect for short luxury business travels. Both flexibly spacious and firm because of the hard leather texture, it’s easily recognisable because of the defined print. Making this the most exclusive luggage for your luxury business travel, as well as one of the finest products of the Made in Italy.

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The Bag

luxury business travels
For easy access and more comfortable travelling, the Hermes Citynews Messanger Bag is the perfect complement to your exclusive luxury business travel suitcase. The Citynews Messanged bag is the most practical shoulder bag for men. Made in evergrain calfskin and Hunter cowhide, this luxury design is automatically sleek and sober. Enough to compliment the embossed deails of the Gucci carry-on.

The Accessories

luxury business travelsluxury business travels
An exclusive Coat Wallet and Wash Bag. These are the cherry-on-top. Small but exclusive leather goods that break up the black ensemble of the travel bags. These are two must-haves for me on any trip and easy way for me to keep organised on my luxury business travels. As well as two luxury goods that made the child in me extremely satisfied when I purchased them. They belong in fact to the James Bons Spectre collection with Globe Trotter. The feature navy fibreboard with Windsor-grained leather details and exclusive 007 lining. Is there any better set for luxury business travels?

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