luxury hotels in Miami

Best Luxury Hotels in Miami

There’s only been one city in my life that I have thought of as physically beautiful. As extremely sensual. If you stop and think about it, in fact… How can a city ever be sensual? Miami is. With its miles of beachfront, the sun, the sand and the luxury. Miami can be considered the epitome of the luxury lifestyle and a true luxury destination not to miss. That is why it was not easy to pin down my favorite luxury hotels in Miami. There is just too much choice, and too much of everything in general. But I did. And I honestly believe these are among the best luxury hotels in Miami.

luxury hotels in Miami

My top picks of Luxury Hotels in Miami

Acqualina Resort & Spa

First on my list of luxury hotels in Miami is the Acqualina Resort. What characterizes this hotel and makes it one of my favorites is, first of all, its aesthetics. Mediterranean inspired and designed by Isabel Tragash, it features a stunning and immense yellow portico, luxurious fountains and chandeliers, and columns of marble. Its rooms are sober, simple but elegant. Luxurious but never pretentious. It also welcomes its guests to an amazing beach that reaches up until the hotel and its five pools. And to a service that makes the clientele come back every year, never disappointed – me included. A night at the Acqualina Resort & Spa might cost around $600.

luxury hotels in Miamiluxury hotels in Miamiluxury hotels in Miami

1 Hotel South Beach

Luxury and sustainability often do not go hand in hand, and that is a sad truth and luxury living and luxury travel. It is however not true when it comes some luxury hotels in Miami, and to the 1 Hotel South Beach in particular. Its commitment to the eco industry and to sustainability shows clearly in this hotel design: reclaimed wood, organic linen for the hall, and oak beds and cotton mattresses for the bedrooms. Carrara marble tubs and rainfall showers for the bathrooms. Eco-friendly luxury is not a paradox here, and one never comes at the expenses of the other. The amazing service, tailored to every guest’s need, the location, airy and oceanfront, and the most amazing view on the 18th floor make this one of the best luxury hotels in Miami. The price for night at the 1 Hotel South Beach revolves around $400.

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luxury hotels in Miamiluxury hotels in Miami

The Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore is one of the finest luxury hotels in Miami, a national historic landmark located in Coral Gables and characterized by stunning and luxurious Mediterranean architecture. You can clearly see the southern European and Moorish influences in its style. The Italian and Spanish touch. This luxury hotel has however not opened yet. A favorite pick for world leaders and celebrities, it underwent major renovation works, with a budget of $25 million. It will finally fully reopen on December 15 and has been designed by Dee Malone and it has been based on the wonders of South Florida’s landscape. It features Jerusalem stone-tiled floors, jewel-like chandeliers and luxurious fabrics… giving the Baltimore an exclusive and extremely romantic atmosphere. A night at this incredible luxury hotel amounts to $450.

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luxury hotels in Miamiluxury hotels in Miami

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