Best 5 Luxury Restaurants in Milan

When it comes to Italy, needless to say, Rome holds a very special place in my heart. But truth is, for most of my luxury travels Milan is the city to-go. Milan is in fact a must-see for luxury design and interior design lovers, as well as for luxury restaurants. It’s a city that never ceases to fill me up with excitement and curiostity. A city of hidden treasures and gems. You can find the most amazing shops, building, gardens, restaurants as soon as you start searching. And if you have the time to explore… the food is simply outstanding.

I fear now that I might be coming across as too arrogant. It is in fact not just me. Milan is indeed a trending luxury destination for travelers and connoisseurs from allover the world. One of the most exclusive Italian destinations. For food, art, design, architecture, fashion and so much more. And I am undoubtedly, fully aware of its ever-growing popularity. But even more so, I would then like to share my favourite gems. My must-see luxury restaurants in Milan. Some of them are new, and others might have you surprised. But each restaurant has a reason behind it… might that be its outstanding cuisine, the unique interior style, or its new concept.

The most exclusive Luxury Restaurants in Milan

luxury restaurants in milan

VUN Andrea Aprea

VUN Andrea Aprea at Park Hyatt Milan is the epitome of Italian cuisine. A two Michelin-starred restaurant serving the most exclusive and elevated food and wine. In Milanese dialect, the word ‘vun’ means one. And as first of my favourite luxury restaurants in Milan, VUN offer a unique, contemporary twist on Italian traditional recipes originating in Naples. A full 4-course menu here would amont to €150-200 per person. And I fully recommend Chef Andrea Apres’s linguine.

luxury restaurants in milanluxury restaurants in milan

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The Japanese fusion, luxury restaurant in Milan. Nishiki offers exclusive raw materials and interior design. This design restaurant got restyled earlier this year and has become one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been to. In the modern and sophisticated ambience, the hidden tatami adds a unique, oriental touch.

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luxury restaurants in milanluxury restaurants in milan


Another luxurious Milanese restarurant, nostalgic of southern cuisine. Sikelaia serves typical dishes from Sicilian tradition, although reinvented by a contemporary imagination. The chef managed to perfectly combine his ‘sicilianità’, his Sicilian-ness, with his experience of cultures and cuisine from all around the world. This global outlook meets its end in the kitchen, though. Where only the most Sicilian smells and flavours are allowed.

luxury restaurants in milan

Enrico Bartolini MUDEC

Located on the third floor of the MUDEC Museum of Cultures and in the heart of the Milanese design district, Enrico Bartolini’s is another must-see on my list of luxury restaurants in Milan. Characterized by a warm, elegant and classic interior design, this luxury restaurant offers a €160 worth menu called ‘Ritorno alle mie origini’. This ‘Back to my origins’ menu is a complete and sophisticated journey I keep on loving, filled with nostalgia and passion.

luxury restaurants in milanluxury restaurants in milan


‘Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who I am’ is the motto of this original restarurant. More of a concept or philosophy rather than a full-on luxury restaurant, Contraste gets its inspiration from the ancient osterias. There there were no menus, and here the menu ‘is the meeting between you and our kitchen’. ‘Like a white table in an empty space’ att that is good in this restaurant comes from not knowing, from learning. Contraste truly is the portray of the Milan I was describing in the beginning. An hidden city, a journey of discovery. The hidden garden and the ancient building. Contraste is indeed an experience not to miss is, in a city made of experiences.

luxury restaurants in milanluxury restaurants in milan

Honestly, you know that there are more than a few luxury restaurants in Milan… but not all of them compare to these.

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