At the club with Viktoriya Lazareva

The sun was setting down. At the end of a long day filled with unforgettable impressions from the extraordinary and rather mysterious beauties of Ulan-Ude, I decided to visit one of the best restaurants in the city – Efir. While waiting for my order, I was observing the interesting design of the restaurant and I noticed a lonely woman sitting at a nearby table. She differentiated by her appearance among most visitors of the restaurant. It was Viktoriya Lazareva.

However, it was not her appearance which attracted me… The woman was immersed in her work and completely forgot about the food cooling in front. She was drawing something hard, sketching, rubbing and sometimes she was frowning… Anyway, it was clearly visible that she was completely captured by her creative mind. My curiosity exceeded me so I went there. I got up from the table and walked slowly to hers, it seemed she did not even notice me.

It’s getting cold, don’t waste this amazing meal, Miss.

She looked up and recognized me from the Fabergé exhibition (which I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow) so she invited me to join her and the conversation started.

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What were the reasons for you to choose a profession?

“Even if it sounds strange, but as a little girl I felt disharmony at the sight of the wrongly planned space and tried to fix it: moved furniture, rearranged the items, engaged in “beautification” of everything around. Over time, I realized that design is my profession.”

What do you like most about your job?

“I like the whole process: the first meeting with the client, the search for the main idea, and the development of the details of the project, its decoration, as well as the shooting of the finished project, despite the fact that it requires a lot of time and effort.”

What is the most unusual project you did?

“Probably, the hotel is a boutique “Paradox” in Zelenogradsk. The format of the hotel itself is unusual, combining two museums, a series of quests, a bowling alley and a restaurant.”

Where do you get inspiration from work and life?

“The work itself is inspiration. When it leaves me, I go to the objects, I talk with the decorators, because in their hands the fate of my project, I look at the emerging outlines of the new interior and again I want to create and doubts and fatigue evaporate. Inspired also by other people’s work, I analyze, choose interesting for myself, adapt to my projects. Visiting exhibitions brings a lot of emotions and excitement, pushing for new solutions.”

If you had a chance to create an interior for a celebrity / historical personality, who would it be and why?

“An unexpected question, perhaps Coco Chanel, a female legend, a couturier of the 20th century. It would be an elegant and stereotypical interior.”

Do you have any favorite materials, brands with which you like to work the most?

“As a decoration I use wallpaper Arte, Cole and Son, Wall Deco, Eijffinger, Designers guild and Khroma. Furniture, I prefer Capital, Selva, Molteni, B and B, Cattelan and ligne Roset. Kitchens mostly use Sie Matic, Aster Cucine and Leight.”

What international events and exhibitions do you like to visit most?


What do you think, which trends in the world of design are coming in the next 5 years? What should we be ready for?

“Saturated colors. The presence of natural textures of untreated wood, metal, glass, concrete, as well as matte surfaces. Wallpaper with large floral prints, images of marble textures. Author’s decorative objects, the desire for individuality, the interior as an expression of personality. At the peak of popularity will remain loft, contemporary, notes of glamor and of course the classic.”

What is your favorite style of interior?

“Each style is worthy of respect, but they are born of their time, so you need to look back on them to create a new one.”

One of the trends at the moment is the Portuguese brands. What would you say about it?

“Portuguese furniture always took place in the furniture market, it is distinguished by quality different from the manufacturers of other countries design. This is exactly the feature that makes this furniture in high demand on the modern market. For the upholstery of upholstered furniture, fabrics are used. Frames for mirrors – a work of art, and tables and coffee tables as self-sufficient items will be able to decorate your presence with an interior in any style.”

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