Top 6 China Trending Designers

Maison & Objet 2019

Frank Chou, Chen Furong, Mario Tsai, Hongjie Yang, Ximi Li and Bentu rank as some of the brightest young trending designers in the country today. Exemplifying talent, emotional depth, and creativity, these six designers bring innovation and energy to their work. Some prefer a China-centric approach, others have absorbed multicultural influences by studying, working and living abroad. But all are committed to forming a new Chinese language of design. Says Jury Member Lyndon Neri of Neri&Hu: “With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and the need for cultural expression of its own, we see a large number of emerging designers that have started to create their own voice that deals with the issue of heritage and identity.”

Whilst their styles might diverge, one thing is clear: these six talents are setting new standards, whilst balancing creative versus commercial demands. “China has, for many years now, been the world’s industry supply chain leader and is fast turning into a hotbed for design opportunity for both local and global designers,” says Luca Nichetto. You’ll be able to see them all at Maison & Objet 2019 Paris.

“Chinese designers are realizing the power of their own proximity to an established manufacturing base, and are taking full advantage of it.”

Frank Chou

Frank Chou Trending Designers

Frank Chou Design Studio which now has become the most representative independent design studio in China. The studio captures the essence of material and object and creates elegant and long-lasting design pieces. The founder Frank Chou was born in Beijing where the traditional and the contemporary era were alternating rapidly. And he came with interesting and creative things, including design, art, music, and film etc. Led by him, Frank Chou Design Studio tries to balance aesthetic differences between East and West through a unique perspective and to find the Chinese modern design expression which is also synchronizing with the international design.

Chen Furong

Chen Furong Trending Designers

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WUU was founded in 2014. They are dedicated to developing contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories while continuing to participating in art and design projects. Throughout the design process, they research material and update basics items, driven by a sense of timelessness and beautiful designs that stand the test of time. They have been invited to 100% Design, Milan Design Week and other major exhibitions. WUU’s founder Furong Chen is titled to the Design Shanghai 2015 AD China Emerging Chinese Designer, a new award-winning talent and part of the trending designers.

Mario Tsai

Mario Tsai Trending Designers

MARIO TSAI STUDIO takes the study of potential attributes of materials and the exploration of new application methods as the main research tasks, incorporating Mario Tsai’s aesthetic ideology and cognitive understanding of society and culture, hoping to find solutions to improve society and the environment and adapt to the new application of design services. MARIO TSAI STUDIO adheres to the design principles of restraint in the design process and achieves a soft minimalist state with fewer materials and processes. This is the sustainable design method Mario Tsai has been insisting on.

Hongjie Yang

Hongjie Yang Trending Designers

Hongjie Yang (China,1989) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he received his master’s degree in Contextual Design. Since then, he has focused his attention on work that examines where the distinctions in nature blur between intervention and non-intervention, as intervention itself, starts to be seen as part of a natural process. It is through the transformation that we find enlightenment. The examination of this idea that lies at the heart of the work of Hongjie Yang – metamorphosis, the process of altering form, a change in nature. Many of his works are central to the conceptual premise; to embrace a class of aesthetics which transcends the divide between the power of humanity and nature.

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