Top 5 luxury interior design trends for 2019

Back from Maison & Objet Paris 2019 I brought with me a lot of what we’ll live and see during 2019. With stands that inspired every visitor that came across with them, I got the visual ideas I needed to understand and share which trends we will be seeing for this year. These are the luxury interior design trends for 2019 I’m here to present. They are based on the most important luxury brands we have in the market such as Fendi Casa, Boca do Lobo, Roberto Cavalli, Ritz Home, etc.

Exotic Prints

Exotic Prints Interior Design Trends for 2019

Animals, cultural, eclectic, prints are here to stay! Go crazy and mix them in one room. I saw them everywhere and they don’t seem to be close to an end. The animal print was the strongest print at the trade show. As a symbol of luxury, these incredible (and some of them hand-painted) prints made my heart feel at home. One of my favorite interior design trends for 2019.

Bold Bathrooms

Bold Bathroom Interior Designer Trends for 2019

Bathrooms can’t be forgotten when it’s about having the house of your dreams. Be bold, use black and marble and big pieces to fill your division with a luxury and personal statement. Gold, marble and black lacquer… what a perfect match!

Boho’s New Luxury

Boho Interior Design Trends for 2019

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Boho can look cheap, but when you do Boho with a good sense of style, it can mean luxury with a powerful statement! Missoni Home was the stand that showed me that with their new collection… I felt completely in love with the work!

Natural Elements

Natural Elements Interior Design Trends for 2019

Plants, plants everywhere! Fake or real, the green spots bring life to minimal and eclectic places. Living beings are the key to make every space feel cozy and comfortable. Don’t forget about them this year because it really looks amazing.

Velvet Furniture

Velvet Interior Design Trends for 2019

Velvet has been a trend and not a trend. Many people love it, many people hate it. Some say it’s for women, some believe not. For me, it’s luxurious, it’s comfortable, it’s a statement material to use in almost every piece you can think of. Velvet can be bold and fragile, it can be everything you want, you just have to be creative.

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