ways to restyle a suit

10 Ways to Restyle Your Suit

You might have realized this, or might have expected it, about me: I am a classic man. I am a nostalgic. A lover of those times in the past when elegance was everything. The suit is my uniform. Not just for aesthetics but for philosophy. And although it is true that suits have made a comeback and are now trending again, it is also true that most do not know of to wear them. Most do not understand the charm and the versatility of the suit. That there are ways to restyle a suit. Why it’s the item of clothing that never disappeared. That come a-new every time.

A suit has many lives in fact, be it the most exclusive, most expensive suit… or your father’s hand-me-down. No matter if modern or vintage. No matter if you bought it for a formal occasion or for an interview. That is why, I feel it may be my duty to enlighten you. To narrate you some of these lives. Here is a list of ways to restyle a suit.

10 Ways to Restyle a Suit

1. Footwear

Changing the shape, the material and the color of your shoes will give your suit a completely different vibe. Almond toed leather shoes for an exclusive but modern style. Sneakers for a day-time, street-style look.

ways to restyle a suit
2. Accessories

They will personalize your suit. Different accessories mean different ways to restyle a suit. Minimal or maximal, it’s your call. In my opinion, going bolder with only one or two details always grants a clean and sophisticated look.

ways to restyle a suit

3. Patterns

Bring life or sophistication to your suit by using different materials and different prints: be it a tie, a scarf or a handkerchief.

ways to restyle a suit
4. Cufflinks

Add elegance with the most expensive pair of cufflinks you own, or tone it down with a fun detail.

ways to restyle a suit

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5. Go bold

I fear a lot of people shy away from bold colors and bold suits, but this is actually one of my favorite ways to restyle a suit. Bold patterns and bold colors can in fact spice up your usual suit and give it a completely new look.

ways to restyle a suit
6. Shades

Just as bold colors and patterns can change up a suit, so does combining different shades of the same colour. Play with different shades of camel and sand tones, and you’ll immediately see what I mean.

ways to restyle a suit
7. Texture

Pairing with different textures is like combining different patters: bold, but in a subtler way. It may also render your suit more modern and casual.

8. Ties

In different sizes, shapes, colors and patters.

ways to restyle a suit
9. Button

Wear your suit buttoned-up for a sophisticated, elegant occasional or evening look, or unbuttoned for a more daytime appropriate, casual look.

10. The shirt

The most important of these ways to restyle a suit. The shirt can make all the difference. The button-down shirt is definitely my to-go choice, but I myself know there is a whole world to explore in regards. T-shirts for example give the suit a completely different look. Modern and stylish, and more day-time appropriate.

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ways to restyle a suit

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