10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities

This might just be the most exciting time men’s fashion has known, maybe ever. We are living in an age when men are spending more than they ever have on clothes. And if you follow me longer you already know that I’m not different about this. I love to wear brilliant outfits. In last time I present you an amazing Philipp Plein Resort Collection or Best Spring Summer 2019 Men Trends. So, today I would like to inspire you once again!  And whatever your tastes, whatever your style, nobody is doing it better than these 10 guys – leading trends, breaking rules or keeping it classic, their message was the same: be confident and wear whatever hell you want! So here are my 10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities!

#10 LeBron James

James is not only above and beyond the best player on the court at any given moment, but James also has a monopoly on style. Yet his 15-year mark has proven to be the most pivotal and daring in his rousing style evolution. LeBron is showing men it is acceptable to be fashion-forward and masculine. What an amazing start in this 10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities chart!

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: LeBron James

#9 Mahershala Ali

Mahershala Ali is now two for two at the Oscars. He became the first Muslim actor to win an Academy Award, for his turn as drug dealer Juan in Moonlight. This year, he was also the first black man to win Best Supporting Actor twice. He’s an overnight success, after more than a decade of work.

Even before he won his first Oscar in 2017, he was an unassuming slayer of red carpets. Killer tuxedos and slick tailoring, worn with personality. But since Moonlight, his wardrobe – like his career – has stepped up a gear. Everything he wears, he’s just so magical. It’s hard to go wrong with him. He can get away with a lot of things that other people can’t.

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: Mahershala Ali

#8 Ryan Reynolds

The thing that sets Ryan Reynolds’ style apart from his red-carpet peers is that it just feels real: it doesn’t feel like he’s wearing something that’s been picked out for him by a stylist. These are smart, sleek separates from seriously cool labels, such as Todd Snyder and Officine Générale, all layered up and worn in a way that any man could in his day-to-day life. Show me a man who doesn’t want to dress like Ryan Reynolds!

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: Ryan Reynolds

#7 Conor McGregor

I follow the ideal that you can wear anything as long as you wear it with confidence. For that reason, I say Conor is one of the best dressed when it comes to fashion. Conor certainly doesn’t care or like rules. He doesn’t make ‘safe’ choices in his life, career or in what he wears. This is a quality I admire: the courage to be who you are without caring about people’s judgment. Can you imagine 10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities without this guy?

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: Conor McGregor

#6 John Legend

If the mark of a truly well-dressed man lies in the ability to look great in both formal occasions and when dressed down, John Legend nails it every time. John Legend is not only the nicest man in music, but his dress sense is always impeccable too. Shying away from the loud, statement attire favored by many of his fellow musicians, Legend keeps things simple, with a minimal palette of navy, blacks, greens, and tan, which are utilized in tried and tested garments such as bombers, leather jackets, and fine tailoring. He clearly loves clothes and therefore respects those who share that love.

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: John Legend

#5 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is like a pair of Levi’s 501s – always in style. Gosling has flirted with mid-century styles in recent years, but now his favorite reference point seems to be the 1970s. With a natural charm and confidence, Ryan Gosling makes even his most fashion-forward choices look laid-back and effortless. He never looks overstyled and anything he wears looks instantly cool!

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10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: Ryan Gosling

#4 David Beckham

What is there to say about Beckham’s style that hasn’t already been said? On the one hand, he’s like a wonderful navy suit: a classic that will always be in style no matter its age. On the other hand, he’s made a career of trying cool new styles and cutting-edge labels – not to mention more hairstyles than any other celebrity we can think of. Combine these two and you can see why this menswear legend is always on best-dressed lists around the globe – and still as relevant as ever. Absolutely can’t miss in 10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities!

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: David Beckham

#3 Donald Glover

Here is a man who is perhaps at the top of his game. Glover, who British GQ has named as the most fashionable man of the year, is fearless when it comes to fashion. The influence of the actor/rapper/writer/director is evident, not least because he can claim one of the most popular videos of 2018 (thanks to ‘This Is America’), but because he has one of the most popular wardrobes too, decked out with ’70s-tinged suits and preppy casual gear. Donald Glover kicked his style up a notch this year, nailing subtly retro, pantsuited looks that felt more mature than what we’d seen the actor-slash-musician in before — perhaps to correlate with the more serious turn his music took. Whether on screen or in person, Donald Glover wears his clothes with charisma and style!

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: Donald Glover

#2 A$AP Rocky

Praise the lord, it’s the undisputed king of high-fashion hip-hop. A$AP Rocky has once again perfected his already fearless style, and this year cemented the fact he wasn’t going to let it slip. I thoroughly appreciate A$AP Rocky’s unabashed and authentic love of luxury fashion and true dedication to a complete. However, it’s great to see his transition from maximalist to minimalist! Rocky is an absolute must in 10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities!

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: A$AP Rocky

#1 Timothée Chalamet

While 2017 blessed us with the arrival of Timothée Chalamet as a breakout star in awards season stalwart “Call Me By Your Name,” it was the 2018 red carpet circuit that solidified him as a style star to watch. Just a few male celebrities are so unafraid of a daring suit choice (or look so good in a suit). Chalamet effortlessly pulled off an elegant floral suit by Alexander McQueen, which he wore over a black V-neck top rather than a traditional collared shirt.  Timothée leaves me disarmed by his raw nobility. On the cusp of manhood, he intoxicates me with his effortless elegance!

10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities: Timothée Chalamet

Do you miss someone in 10 Best-Dressed Male Celebrities? And who is your #1? I will be happy to get feedback from you!

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